Digital Signs for HospitalsDigital signs are an extremely popular and cost-effective way to boost your signage and advertising, but some people assume it’s mainly for business use. Here we will discuss the ways implementing digital signage can greatly benefit those in the healthcare industry.

Instant Updates
In an industry where time means everything, being able to instantly update your signage, displays, and message centers is of the utmost importance to ensure smooth operations. A digital signage system is often the fastest and most effective way of spreading information to the people it needs to get to, as it is eye-catching and easily accessible. Whether you are keeping your advertised ER waiting time current, or updating a digital directory to appropriately direct traffic, digital signage adapts to fill the role you need it to.

Less Clutter
Memos, printouts, notices, and other various print materials are made obsolete with digital signage. Save the time and money it takes to print these materials, and the space it takes to store them, by investing in digital signage. Digital message centers replace old, crowded bulletin boards and make them actually pleasant to look at. Information is also easier to take in when presented in an organized manner. Employees and clients are also more likely to pay attention to and retain a message featured on a digital display rather than simply sent in an email.

If it wasn’t already apparent, digital signage is extremely versatile and can be used in almost any context for almost any purpose. Signs can be directed at patients, families, and staff to advertise services, share information, or to just simply add to an attractive environment. Interactive displays are more costly, but some healthcare facilities are using them to educate patients on the ailment they may be suffering from, or the procedures they are undergoing. It adds a positive touch to their experience and makes your facility stand out against others in the area.

When they are not advertising or sharing information, digital signage and displays can also add a decorative touch to the environment. Crisp, beautiful images can be set to cycle through on a timer, or a static image can be displayed at changed at any time. Short videos and clips can also be featured, giving everyone something visually appealing and engaging to focus on.

Digital signage is really only limited by your imagination, so it’s simple to make it work for you. If you have any questions, or just want to get a free quote on your signage project, give Signsational Graphics a call at 651 633-2233. Our trained and experienced staff will work closely with you to device a digital signage system that fits your needs and your budget.