We know that digital signage is a great way to keep customers engaged throughout their shopping experience, especially while waiting in line. But what do business owners put on these screens and how do you really know they’re effective?

Local News and Weather

Many businesses dedicate some of their screen time to the local community, typically sharing weather information and various news tidbits. It’s a nice change from the regular advertising that many establishments use and it takes the customer’s mind off how long they’ve been waiting.

Visual Stimulation

Much like local news and weather, providing the customer with something truly visually stimulating can turn a neutral experience into a great one. It can take a lot of effort and creativity to come up with the perfect visual content, but customers are much more likely to take photos, check into your location, or post about what they saw on social media. It’s an easy way to extend your business’ reach, sometimes even worldwide!

Interactive Games

This is going to be your most expensive option, but it’s the quickest way to increase hype in a big way. Touch screens that display interactive mini-games are still somewhat of a novelty in the digital signage world, making them even more impressive to come across. Places that use these often brand the games with their colors and logos, which is a great way to help your business resonate in the minds of the customer without being intrusive.


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