Creating the perfect content for your new digital monitor system can be an extremely daunting task. Some people decide to hire a firm to take care of it for them, but smaller businesses can’t always afford to go this route. Some larger businesses don’t as well, because they want more hands-on involvement in this investment. Whatever the reason, here are a few tips to keep in mind when creating your own impactful content.

Consider the Placement

Different content approaches seem to work better in different areas, so the location of your monitors in your building is a very important factor. Are they going to be above eye level and at a distance? Then you better make sure you pick the right colors, fonts, and sizes to ensure every bit is legible from every viewing point.

Be Unique

Digital monitors are becoming more commonplace in business, meaning you need to keep things fresh so as to not bore customers with the same old thing. The message you want to deliver is important, but maybe even more important is the way it is delivered. Take some time to look at other business’ monitors, or even have a chat with the business owner about how they decided on their approach. It will give you insight to what others are doing, hopefully making it easier to come up with your own unique plan.

Know Your Audience

You want your investment in digital signage to work for you, but using content that isn’t relevant to your customer base will make it a waste. Take time to think carefully about the way you market your business, what your customers tend to respond to, and how you could take that to the next level.

Mix It Up

It’s important to keep your content dynamic and interesting, so using the same content all the time will become stale. You also don’t want to overload your customers with pure advertising, because they get enough of that every day through television, radio, newspapers, and the Internet. Mix it up and give them something on a completely different track. This could be as simple as local news and weather, or you could go further and share establishment-friendly photos and videos. It’s truly up to you!


Planning the perfect content will undoubtedly be a cycle of trial and error at first, but you will eventually figure out what works for your individual situation and start to see a return on that investment. If you have any questions, or are just ready to get started on your digital signage journey, give Digital Signsation a call at 651 633-2233. We have a multitude of options for monitors, menu boards, directories, and more!