Digital Monument Screen for Bank Saint Paul MinneapolisGetting the most out of your new sign can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! Read below to see a few simple tips to help use your LED sign effectively.

Use Graphics

Having some text is great, but passersby typically don’t have the time or maybe even the interest to read much on your sign. Graphics are a great way to grab their attention and make it effective.

Use Color

Color is also very important when it comes to grabbing attention with your sign. Single-color displays aren’t as impressive and they limit the graphics that could otherwise really pop.

Be Concise

Now, you don’t want to use graphics 100% of the time on your display, so it’s important to construct your message in a clear and concise way. Your promotion should consist of only a handful of words, making it easy for people to read it whether they are walking or driving by.

Don’t Go Overboard

The illumination of a dynamic display is a huge factor in its eye-catching appearance, but you want to make sure it isn’t impacting our surrounding community. Your sign system should come with options for scheduled dimming, and it’s even required in some zoning ordinances.

Keep Your Message Neutral

It’s your sign and you have the freedom to use it however you wish within city regulations, but you don’t want to accidentally alienate members of the community. When displays are used for a business, they should focus on promoting that business, or other neutral causes. There are plenty of other good outlets to voice your opinions; your business investment is not one of them.

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