Power Supplies

The power supply does just that: supply the sign system with power! It’s the core of the sign and you should never go with a component you can’t completely rely on. We always recommend our customers purchase a quality, reliable power supply, which often means its more expensive than the standard options. The added cost almost acts as insurance for your sign, making sure it won’t stop working at the worst possible time.

LED Panels

The LED panel with your digital display is where all the magic happens. The light-emitting diodes act as pixels for a video display, creating a dazzling image to catch the eye. Depending on your use for the sign, less is definitely not more here. The more “pixels” you have on your sign, the more crisp and clear the graphics and text will be. When deciding on a panel size and its features, always keep in mind the distance your sign will need to be viewed at.

Controller & Control Boards

These components drive the signage, communicating with the computer it’s connected to in order to display your scheduled advertisement. You sign supplier should have vast information on these components and can explain exactly how they have been developed to perfectly work with your chosen sign system.


Beware of the digital signage solution that does not consider software a component of your LED sign package. Third-party software is often buggy and sometimes completely incompatible with certain setups. Suppliers often provide content creation software that was created to work specifically with your chosen signage solution and thus help you create more effective messages.


For more in-depth information on what makes up an LED signage system, give Digital Signsation a call at 651 633-2233. Our representatives can answer all of your questions and suggest the perfect signage solution to fit your individual needs.