DigitalMonumentSignMonochromeIt’s easy to see how using digital signage positively impacts businesses, but what about schools? Below we will discuss some of the reasons why schools at any level could benefit from investing in dynamic digital signage.

It’s Modern and Attractive

In today’s day and age, digital technology is becoming more and more commonplace; even to the point that it is almost expected anywhere from strip malls to hospitals. Using digital signage can make any place look and feel more professional, as well as impressive and high-quality. This perception helps attract new students to a school, whether it is a new family choosing a middle school within their community, or a recent graduate looking for a college to further their education.

It Makes Communication Easier

The more students and faculty a school has, the more complicated it can be to get a message to everyone. With digital signage, you can easily consolidate all messaging into a single sign, or network of signs. These can share local news, weather, campus events, and emergency messages whenever needed, and can be updated in a matter of seconds should the need arise. Digital signs are also much more effective than e-mail communication, reaching students in a more visible way, and in more locations.

It Means Less Clutter

Traditional hardcopies pile up quickly and are often largely ignored by their target audience, especially when that audience is a younger generation. They tend to stay pinned to a bulletin board until someone comes along and pins something over them, long after it has been forgotten. Digital signs take print copies out of the equation, leaving a clean, attractive, and visible sign to communicate that same information, but in a more appealing way. Save time, money, and paper by using a dynamic sign that can be updated remotely and at any time.

It Can Be a Learning Tool

It’s true, content creation can be an added cost to digital signage if you need to hire someone to do it, but why not turn it into a learning tool? Many schools that have made the investment in dynamic digital signage have students in their graphic design and computer science programs design and implement various templates. It is also a great way to attract attention to the signs, with students knowing their own creations may be featured.

It Saves Money

Posters, flyers, and bulletins can take weeks to plan, print, and distribute, and the cost of this process can be astronomical over time. Switching over to digital signage can save money in the long run, with many large institutions recouping their investment within the equivalent of about 3 – 4 print sign changes. Of course, this will be different based on the number of students and signs printed, but you can see how quickly your money can be made back. And, as technology continues to evolve, this type of advertising and communication tool is becoming increasingly more affordable.

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