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Digital Displays


Motion and sound, combined with vibrant color and/or sharp graphics, are top notch attention grabbers. Considering you only have an average of 2 – 3 seconds to convey your message before the customer becomes disinterested, any eye-catching detail can give you a better chance of having that message truly recognized and retained. Dynamic digital signage can even serve as a form of entertainment fitting any budget.

Customizable, Yet Still Affordable

Digital signage comes in many forms. From a basic digital player that showcases a set of images to intricate, interactive displays, even the smallest of companies can afford to get in on the fun. For those who may be concerned about what kind of payoff they can expect from going digital, the return on your investment is even measurable with simple software that tracks impressions, dwell time, and customer demographics.

Easily Updated

Dynamic digital signage allows your company to target certain customers with customized messages on any day and at any time. You have the ability to quickly and easily change the content based on current market conditions, business objectives, or for any other situation. Having regularly updated content will increase the relevance of your business and keep customers interested.

Web Connectivity

Having your display linked to the Internet is not only ideal for keeping customers up to date on your business, but also on other the things that are important to them. You can incorporate various tickers, such as weather, news, and stock updates, or Facebook and Twitter feeds to further engage their attention. As these become more and more common, don’t get left in the dust.

Influences Purchase Decisions

Much research has been done on the difference between digital and non-digital signage and the impact dynamic digital signage has on the customer’s experience. Several studies have even found that having digital vs. non-digital displays in view of customers can reduce their perceived wait time in line, as it draws interest and curiosity.