LED Sign Saint Paul MinneapolisWe were recently contacted by Central Park Elementary School in Roseville to perk up their exterior monument sign. It was lit with fluorescent bulbs that were starting to show their age and needed a fresh look. With winter coming to a close and summer fast approaching, now seemed like a great time to make the upgrade to LEDs.

In the pictures provided, you can see how the sign now looks both during the day and at night. Retrofitting the sign with LEDs helped bring out a brightness that had long since faded, making it truly stand out against the environment no matter the time.

We love working with people in our community, and the wonderful staff at Central Park Elementary was no exception. We understand why their students excel in the engaging learning environment they have established, as we saw first-hand their dedication to improving their surroundings and careful attention to detail.

Since this sign had already been manufactured and installed, our job this time was simply to retrofit it with modern LEDs. Thankfully, many LEDs are compatible with the existing ballasts from the fluorescent lighting, so the process has become much simpler. It’s generally a matter of removing each layer of parts and replacing it with an LED retrofit kit.

LED Sign Lighting Saint Paul MinneapolisThere are a multitude of reasons why one would want to switch to LED lighting, but the main ones are their life span, cost effectiveness, and the fact that they are very low maintenance. LEDs will last 3-6 years longer than fluorescents and use 80% less energy, letting you use them for longer, for less! During their lifetime they won’t dim, either, as they don’t have any gases inside to seep out. LEDs even stand up to the elements, allowing for peace of mind even during the worst conditions.

If you still aren’t convinced, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 651 633-2233. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding LED signage and can offer a free quote on your next project!